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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 22, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. we know with all of you here that -- how much josh reached out and touched all of you. >> a remarkable turnout tonight in one bay area community. how a young man's dream turned into a collected mission for ten of his buddies. >> so quick, you won't have to deal with the clerks. the new service that lets you get in and out of the dmv in record time. >> and california lawmakers not at work in sacramento. they are at a five-star resort on maui, all expenses paid. >> you can't have cameras. >> but we did. tonight, see who they met and what those people want.
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good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. he was just a year out of high school. 19 years young. everyone knew him as chachi. >> juliette goodrich shows us his hometown came out to honor the young marine killed in afghanistan. >> it was a patriotic show of support. hundreds of friends, family, and former marines lining this quiet danville neighborhood where fallen marine, 19-year- old joshua lived. chachi's mother and father just returned from dover, delaware. where they received their son. a marine of less than a year killed in combat. >> thank you for coming today. it's a bit overwelming.
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we know with all of you here that -- how much josh reached out and touched all of you and we can't say enough about support we've gotten. >> friends say chachi was a born leader who knew as a teenager he wanted to serve his country like his grandfather. he even inspired at least ten of his friends to do the same. >> our friend group was always extremely patriotic. that was our thing to do. when it came to our country, we want nothing more to give back what they have done to us. >> this silent procession stretched for more than a mile. a visible message of love and support. >> it is really important that they understand that they're not alone. >> tomorrow evening, community members in danville will gather again to honor this young man with a candle light memorial. his body will be flown back home next week. in danville, juliette goodrich,
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cbs 5. >> we showed you pictures last week that ended up going viral. a police officer at uc davis doing this. a big can of pepper spray in hand aimed right at the eyes of a line of student protesters who are sitting peacefully. campus police ordered them to dispurse, but they refused. thousands of faculty members flooded the campus to demand the chancellor step down. she has shown no signs that she plans to leave. >> i am here to apologize. i really feel horrible for what happened on friday. if you want to be students in the university like we had on friday, i am just telling you i don't want to be the chancellor of the university we had on friday. >> here's a look at the davis campus. right now, protesters are set up 20 tents and plan to stay the night. we're told there are no police
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officers anywhere near the encampment. a general strike is planned on campus for monday. and at uc berkeley, it turns out there is no so-called sleepout tonight, which was supposed to protest police action as well as higher tuition. occupy cal's general assembly voted down a plan to camp out. still a few dozen people are out at the plaza. and this just into our newsroom, occupy oakland has taken over a foreclosed property. lyndon and 18th streets is where they are. there are at least ten tents and so far, about 50 people. >> presidential candidate, newt gingrich has advice for those occupiers here and across the country. quote, get a job right after you take a bath. >> all the occupy movements start with the premise that we all owe them everything. they take over a public park they didn't pay for to go nearby to use bathrooms they
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didn't pay for. to beg for food that places that they don't pay. and obstruct those who sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park so they can self- righteously explain that they are virtue to which we owe everything. we need to reassert something. >> the republican who wants to be president made the comments in iowa. the crowd cheered and fellow candidate, herman cain praised him. >> we'll see what wall street does tomorrow. it wasn't pretty today. the dow tumbled 248 points on word that the so-called debt supercommittee turned into a super failure. nancy with what this means. >> super committee members took a break from finger pointing today. before a last minute flurry of negotiations that went nowhere. a fight over taxes was at the root of the stalemate, just as it was when president obama and speaker boehner tried to broker a similar agreement to cut the
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debt this summer. republicans on the supercommittee were pushing to make the bush era tax cuts permanent for everyone, while democrats like massachusetts senator, john kerry, wanted to let the tax cuts expire next year. >> this is not a tax cutting committee, this is a deaf deficit reduction committee. we don't believe wealthiest americans need a tax cut. >> the partisan gridlock gripping washington. congress clashed over raising the debt limit. a downgrade of u.s. debt by standard. >> this process has become a joke. it is a disgrace. >> senate leaders gave the super committee unprecedented powers and packed it with senators and congressmen who know how to make a deal. in an attempt to cut a modest $1.2 trillion from the nation's $15 trillion debt.
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budget expert says both sides made some sacrifices, but couldn't meet halfway. >> members of the supercommittee put good ideas out there. they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone in order to come up with a deal and the fact they couldn't make it across the finish line is just sad. it's just a sad moment where they could have done something great and they fell short. >> the failure of the supercommittee triggers automatic across the board spending cuts up to 10% for just about every government program. it's an outcome nobody wanted and it was supposed to be the sword hanging over the supercommittee's head to force them to get a deal done. cbs news, capitol hill. >> some lawmakers vowed to prevent the automatic cuts from taking effect, but president obama said today that he would veto any such move. >> well, he is only 14 years old, not even old enough for a learner's permit, but police say the boy from east oakland used a semi-automatic handgun to carjack four cars in oakland
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and san leandro over the last ten days. tonight he's under arrest and in juvenile hall. police are looking for the 15- year-old buddy who helped him out. >> we have incredible pictures of a car crash just moments after it happened. that car burst into flames after slamming into a light pole on folsom street in san francisco around 1:30 this morning. the driver was unconscious and trapped. a man who lived across the street heard the commotion, ran to help, wearing only his underwear. the guy used a fallen road sign to smash the windows as a police officer cut through the seat belt to free the driver. >> i think it's very heroic. i think it's risky. i have seen these fires before in the cars and explosion could happen at any time. and they still stayed with it, which is incredible. >> the driver is at san francisco general hospital, but is expected to survive. police say he will be booked on
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suspicion of dui. other bay area headlines, five stanford students won road scholarships to study at oxford. each year, only 32 americans are selected. there will be no local crab for thanksgiving. fishermen and processors are fighting over the price. crabbers are not budging from their demands for $2.50 a up and down and the processors are offering $2. once an agreement is reached, it will look like a great season ahead. no big surprise that many kids are overweight, even obese. but the problem is particularly bad in one bay area city. why? robert lyles takes a look. >> it's cold. it's thirst quenching. >> it is definitely lethal. >> didn't mince words with the city council tonight saying the waistlines of kids are expanding at an alarming rate.
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>> higher than the county on the average. >> the director of public health says slide shows don't tell this tail. the streets do. >> 80% of the population in san pablo is within a five minute walk for an outlet of sugary beverages. >> there are six fast food or convenience stores. and clustered around helm's middle school. >> there's an average of over nine sugary beverage outlets around each school in san pablo. >> with the help of ucla, the past five years. and found they consume 256,000 calories of sugary drinks a year. >> 256,000 calories is like 20 or 30-pounds of weight gain in a year. >> one city councilman calls the findings reprehensible and wants a soda tax.
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the beverage association counterrerred back saying obesity is a problem, but says taxes do nothing to each parents and students about moderation in the diet. but in this low income and minority community, grocery stores aren't lining up to build here. >> it's a problem with theft. >> and likely driven parents into unhealthy choices. >> the convenient. it's easy to go down to the corner versus getting in the car to go to a big grocery store. >> robert lyles, cbs 5. well, it has become just as much a part of the holidays as turkey gravy. black friday. but this year, one chain store says not so fast. what will happen to over eager shoppers who storm in when the doors open. the nightmare wait is over. the new service that lets drivers zip through the dmv in record time. while thousands of bay area protesters were camped out in
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tents, these powerful state lawmakers were wined and dined in paradise. who is paying the tab and what they want in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yeah, we see it every year. shoppers storming into stores on the day after thanksgiving at the crack of dawn. they are hoping to buy a 32- inch tv or get a free coster or
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whatever. we have learned that target, though, this year for one is not having anymore of that craziness. the rule is, if you run into the store, you'll be asked to leave. target says it is trying to prevent what could be dangerous stampedes. the manager of the santa clara store tells us that target will also try something new this year. metering. >> the meters is, we're going to let in 35 people every 15 seconds to break up the crowd. it's slowing the crowd down and giving them a chance to experience black friday. >> managers received training this year. >> dmv gets a bad rap. sometimes it's deserved no doubt, but now here is your chance to avoid the line. you can now renew your registration at the bay area's first and only self-service dmv
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kiosk. scan your renewal notice. your registration stickers are printed instantly. >> the machine, get out of here. don't worry about standing in line anymore. two or three stamps and your registration comes out of the machine. >> the machine can't do everything. if you need to transfer a title or renew your driver's license, you'll need to stand in a line. so far, this is the only automated machine in the bay area and if it works, well, you can expect to see more. >> california is in a bit of a mess. occupy protests, stubbornly high unemployment. new talks of more budget cuts. what did the group of state lawmakers do? go to hawaii on a trip that lobbyists paid for. we in our cbs sister stations in sacramento and los angeles decided to follow them. reporter dave brian showed up and asked the politicians, do you really think this is a good
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idea? >> in the same week, hundreds of california college students were protesting massive tuition hikes. and the state announced a $13 billion revenue short fall. we discovered a group of california's most powerful lawmakers not in sacramento addressing the crisis at hand. no, instead these lawmakers chose to deal with the issues by spending five days at a full service resort, more than 2500 miles away in hawaii where somebody else was picking up the tab. welcome to the california independent voter project, the civp business and leadership exchange conference. with the state's most powerful -- most purr sweysive special interest. leaders of the voter project say the conference addresses the most pressing problems facing california aiming to break the jam in sacramento.
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but the lawmakers and lobbyists, we were there too with our under cover cameras at the hotel on maui. where the legislatures are paid by the voter project. at the conference, we found state senators and assembly members from across california. north and south, democrats and republicans, about 20 of them attended according to the organizers. it's not illegal for california politicians to accept free bees like this as long as it is being paid for by a nonprofit group, like the california independent voter project. when we tried to find out more about what was going on at the conference, our cameras were shut out. >> there's a guest here two asked you if you were coming and he saw you coming. >> no one asked me. >> you're the one who asked me. >> i approached john perez. >> good morning mr. speaker. i'm dave brian. sorry to crash the party. what do you think your constituents would say if they
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knew you were here? all expenses paid. >> we have taked about the fact this is an opportunity for us to come together and have a wide range of conversations on a bipartisan basis. >> this is as it is underwritten by some of the most powerful companies in california. it's hard to convince people you are doing what is in the average person's interest. all expenses paid. >> reality is, you have to evaluate legislation on merits. quite frankly, there's not a group i had serious disagreements with. >> can you ask them to see what is going on? >> absolutely. >> but we never got in. so where does the independent voter project get the money to pay for all this? well, it's funded by big companies like pacific gas and electric, chevron, cigarette maker, southern california edison and big labor groups like the powerful state prison guards union. about 50 donors in all.
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special interests who expect special favors in return from the state legislators. >> why are people paying their way? because the people think they will get something in return and that is access, information, and getting to know these legislators. >> former state legislator is the leader of the independent voter project. >> why isn't the news media invited? >> you're here. >> we crashed the party though. >> what good does it do to have a conference if people talk to the camera? we want people to be candid and open and so in order for the conference to perform its function, you can't have cameras. >> but why maui? >> of course california is full of conference centers, places where you can have serious discussions. >> it is an attraction to get people here. no question about it. >> in an interview, peace
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embraces the fact that it is funded by special interests. >> my answer is yes. and i'm going to continue to give money to the special interest and you should say, that's a good thing. you're getting money from the special interest. you're making them spend it on good things. >> thinking that what he wants to do is promote dialogue, then let's come on back to california. if this is a front for special interest to funnel their money to gain access with a couple of key legislators, then i cry foul and i think there needs to be an investigation. it's outrageous that these legislators don't see any problem with it. >> reporting from maui, cbs 5. there is no evidence that lawmakers broke any laws by accepting the maui freebies. the latest trend in political reform laws is using nonprofits to steer expensive gifts and vacations from special interests to elected officials. if you would like to know which
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lawmakers went on this trip, go to click on links ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news. good everyoning. we take you to san jose where we have clear skies and 48 degrees. that was after a high temperature today of 61, which averages five degrees below normal. what we have clear conditions there currently, we already have the fog developing and visibility down at 3/4 of a mile. 39 degrees. clouds are now reaching san rafael overnight dropping down to the 40s. 40s will become throughout much of the bay area. high 30s throughout the trivalley. weather headlines to begin this brand-new workweek. i'll be it shortened. tonight, clouds and fog developing. it will be a mostly cloudy day on tuesday with the possibility of rain north of santa rosa. future cast, very interesting. notice how the rain is combined north of santa rosa. trying to play tag with the
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sonoma area. here's your wednesday morning commute. the light rain begins to the north. this is the frontal boundary. potent system here. containing rain, up to 3/4 of an inch across the urban areas before it moves out when we rise and shine and put that turkey in the oven on thursday morning. lingering shower is certainly possible. so, rain early. cloudy skies, 53 to 61 on thanksgiving. serving up tomorrow's temperatures, 50s and 60s across the board. 62 in antioch. the temperatures are similar. let's jump to the five-day forecast. rain wednesday. tapering off on thursday. ,,,,,,
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.the rematch..this last year the stanford women ended uconn's 90 game winning streak. tonight the rematch. stanford came in ranked three nationally. uconn was number two. something had to give. takes it strong. she had 22. cardinals up, but not for long. the huskies were too much in the second half. the freshman, kalina lewis gave uconn the lead. she had 25. they win 68-58. the full monte will be in kansas city. 20th ranked bears facing georgia. hoer high razzle-dazzle for two. he had 14. cal wins by 24. something going on there. jim harbaugh will make history on thanksgiving when the 49ers and the ravens play each other. it's another chapter in the
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sibling rivalry that had heated moments in little league. >> we were the all stars and they were the baskin robins. they had the nice uniforms, the recruited players. we were a band of misfits. >> we won. that's what i remember about it. we won. i think i had the game winning home run too, if i remember correctly. as far as everybody here knows, right? >> suffered a scary neck injury yesterday against the vikings when his helmet collided with the defender's knee. flew back with the team last night and has not been ruled out for sunday's game against the bears. >> he is moving around, walking around, and looking like darius. with a neck brace on. i don't know, he's doing good. >> good news there. weapons on and off the field for the pass tonight.
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tom brady in the tight end. connected twice for touchdowns. look at the effort he makes. came down hard on his head. patriots win. kansas city dropped two games back. take that of the raiders in the west. tigers ace justin verlander won the cy young award. winning both awards since dennis in 1992. verlander led the al in wins, earned run average, and strikeouts. i remember when he did that. i've been in the business long enough to remember the oakland athletics, remarkable campaign for him. >> he looks the same. he's one of those guys, it is amazing. good looking guy. it's incredible. raider tickets available, folks. ra


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